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Restaurant Consulting

Partnerships with prominent gastronomic experts featured in renowned guides within the industry aim to facilitate training sessions and provide valuable insights to chefs and restaurant owners, assisting them in their pursuit of prestigious recognition.

We pay close attention to tangible factors, conducting a meticulous evaluation of the elements of fine dining and room service, coupled with practical consultancy. This entails a thorough analysis of dishes, considering aspects such as flavor profile, texture, and presentation. The outcome of this process is translated into the formulation of a comprehensive technical report.

We organize scheduled visits to establish clearly defined objectives and evaluate the evolution of dishes, ensuring long-lasting uniformity and identifying the company's distinctive offerings.

The fundamental principles guiding us include the use of premium ingredients, respect for seasonal availability, the embodiment of the chef's individuality, and the imperative to maintain consistent excellence over an extended period.


Event Organization in Exclusive Locations with Michelin-Starred Chefs to Boost Brand Awareness.

We specialize in curating prestigious occasions set in venues suitable for your event or in collaboration with esteemed external catering services. This involves fostering a trusted partnership to tailor a menu in collaboration with the resident chef, emphasizing the underlying 'reason why' behind each event.

Additionally, we orchestrate international meetings in prestigious locations, including New York (USA) and Toronto (Canada), along with noteworthy events throughout Italy. These events encompass exclusive invitations extended to sommeliers from Michelin-starred establishments, as well as high-end hotels and restaurants.


PR & Communication

Press Office, Public Relations, and Integrated Communications Activities for Selected Restaurants and Wineries.

We collaborate with external professionals possessing extensive culinary expertise, ensuring precise and effective marketing and communication strategies.

Our team formulates comprehensive communications strategies and business plans designed to enhance visibility on a global scale through our integrated press office and PR services. This encompasses the creation of press releases, targeted news mailings, and the establishment of connections with journalists, bloggers, and influencers.

We actively engage with restaurateurs, chefs, culinary businesses, and hospitality experts, conducting evaluations of strengths and nuances to develop tailor-made communication initiatives.

DigitalPR e Social Media

We oversee the online image and reputation across all digital communication channels, aligning with the company's business objectives on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, TripAdvisor, and Google Business.

We develop editorial plans for social media, strategically communicating corporate messages to engage the target community, including bloggers and influencers.

Additionally, we organize both online and offline events with influencers and content creators, ranging from wine tastings to lunches/dinners and on-site visits.

Restaurant Consulting
PR & Coms

Product Placement

Analysis, in collaboration with our partners, of opportunities for product integration in various contexts.

We actively participate in established events, presenting the product exclusively or organizing bespoke meetings in prestigious locations to enhance the product's appeal.

These strategies are particularly crucial when introducing new product lines, premium offerings, or items aimed at elevating brand perception.

The goal is to establish a robust brand presence in the consumer's mind by positioning the product as an experiential accompaniment to the event.

Product Placemnt

Relationships with Guides

Establishing and nurturing relationships with authoritative food guides such as Michelin, Espresso, and Gambero Rosso.

Facilitating individual or small group meetings with the press, adeptly addressing their questions, and providing information aligned with their specific inquiries.

Creating specialized press releases and tailor-made materials for journalists, including an updated client profile and technical specifications within a comprehensive Press Kit.

Carefully curating a select group of influencers aligned with the brand's core values, extending precise invitations, and overseeing their narratives and content.

Ensuring the reliable management of social media channels, with well-defined guidelines to ensure project monitoring and active public involvement.

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