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Special projects

James Magazine

James Magazine

Collaboration with the luxury magazine for advertising, product positioning, and editorials.

  • 10,000 copies per quarter, often accompanied by a “special” fifth edition.

  • Management of advertising pages for the presentation of dishes and products, an advertorial that highlights the narrative of the brand within a specific edition.

  • Video showing the chef's culinary skill while preparing a dish, published on the web portal.

  • For customers, 30 free copies for corporate use together with visibility on the prestigious portal

  • The magazine is distributed in multiple copies to renowned Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury hotels and famous restaurants.


In collaboration with De Agostini, we have curated a book titled 'Starred Chef for an Evening,' featuring 50 diverse recipes crafted by as many Michelin-starred chefs.

To enhance this endeavor, we sought insights from a former Michelin guide inspector and a world champion sommelier, who shared reflections and provided wine pairing recommendations to elevate the essence of these gourmet recipes.

Our aim was to bring the experience of high-end cuisine into the comfort of homes, unveiling advice from renowned chefs and allowing everyone to savor the feeling of being a Michelin-starred chef for an evening.

Moreover, there is the exciting prospect of producing a co-branded version of the book and exploring opportunities to develop new editions.

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