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Leader in Italy for the quality of 100% Piedmontese milk: right, good, and safe. The only addition is the unconditional passion for genuineness. Moretta is the home where Inalpi is based, at the foot of the Cozie Alps in the province of Cuneo. A perfect place to collect high-quality milk, contributed by around 400 producers residing in the provinces of Cuneo, Turin, and Asti. Inalpi knows its producers because since 2009, it has entered into a Supply Chain Protocol with them within the Piedmontese Alpine space, establishing high production standards and fair remuneration for the product at the stable. Objective quality and the costs incurred by the breeder are the drivers for a virtuous supply chain. Products: Butter from fresh centrifuge cream, clarified butter, whole and skimmed Piedmontese milk powder, slices, little cheeses, organic products, cream, PDO cheeses, and dairy specialties such as Fontal Nazionale and Toma Latterie Inalpi. [Link to the website:]"

Filette water

The oligomineral water that will let you savor a new pleasure: the difference between drinking and tasting! Filette will take you on a journey to discover new sensations that enhance the palate with a pleasantness never experienced before, thanks to the perfect balance of mineral salts. Bottled since 1894, Filette attests to its exclusivity with its presence in the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, and wine shops nationally and internationally. One of the purest waters in the world, the purest in Italy with arsenic value equal to ZERO. [Link to the website:]

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Consorzio Brunello di Montalcino

The birth of Brunello di Montalcino dates back to the 19th century when some Montalcino farmers began experimenting with the production of a red wine using grapes from a vine traditionally cultivated in the area. A vine called "Brunello" or "Brunellino" that, by the mid-19th century, was identified as a variety of Sangiovese. A highly prized grape capable of producing wines suitable for long aging, that is, red wines of the highest quality. [Link to the website:]

Maison Penet

Alexandre Penet - - is an oenologist and entrepreneur with a family heritage of 400 years in Champagne. Together with his wife Martine, they have crafted a range of distinctive and high-quality champagnes. Produced to exacting standards, these wines combine character, freshness, and low dosage. La Maison Penet is located in Verzy, in northern France near Reims, a place where wine connoisseurs and epicureans can experience the taste of rare cuvées with exceptional character. The label design seamlessly blends sophistication and modernity. Alexandre Penet Champagnes serve as a perfect introduction to the world of low-dosage champagnes. With authenticity and exceptionally high quality, they can be found in a range of champagnes and sparkling wines with zero or very low dosage, in a world where Terroir and extreme refinement come together seamlessly. Website:

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KĀLA Caviar

Derived from sturgeons grown in the waters of the Natural Park of the Piemontese Valley of the Ticino, an area characterized by the presence of large quantities of spring water, making it ideal for breeding in highly natural conditions. In the interest of animal welfare, the company employs non-invasive methods throughout the production process. The animals are raised on an extremely controlled dietary regimen, aimed at obtaining a finished product (mature females) of the highest quality in terms of egg development. The extraction of eggs for caviar production is carried out by specialized personnel in the art. Typically, the product undergoes processing following the traditional malossol method, meaning a delicate salting as the only treatment. The caviar thus produced, characterized by optimal size, color, and crunchiness in relation to the species of origin, is repackaged at the company's facility and then marketed in elegant tins of 10, 30, 50, 100, 250 grams. Types of caviar available in the assortment: KĀLA Beluga KĀLA Oscietra KĀLA Baerii KĀLA Transmontanus Exclusively distributed by Oyster Oasis.

Pescaja Cellars

Beppe loves to attach a philosophical thought to each bottle. His wines are not the result of chance but the outcome of deep reflection on the connection between the vine and the earth, the latter expressing this union through wine. Each label has a story; it's up to our palate to discover it! One thing is certain: all the wines are endowed with a strong personality! Terre Alfieri, an area waiting to be explored! [Link to the website:]


Oyster Oasis 

The company was established in 2014, but its founders – both Italian and French – bring decades of experience to the industry. Oyster Oasis currently boasts the largest oyster park in Italy, featuring over 200 varieties sourced from the finest European suppliers. Upstream, there's a sophisticated process of product selection. Through strict criteria and prestigious partnerships with renowned oyster farmers, Oyster Oasis achieves exceptionally high standards of quality and consistency throughout the year. The San Michele oyster originates in Puglia, in the Varano lagoon, a nature reserve and integral part of the Gargano National Park. Category A waters and underground sources of freshwater, combined with the warm sun of the "spur of Italy," ensure a perfect environment for the harmonious and robust development of these wonderful fruits. [Link to the website:]

Coppini Arte Olearia

Since 1946, Coppini Arte Olearia has specialized in the production and distribution of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Certain and Certified Quality, for restaurants, specialty food shops and true Gourmet Outlets. Coppini Arte Olearia EVO Oil is present on the tables of the most famous Italian restaurants and in the kitchens of the best chefs in the world. Coppini Arte Olearia has pursued and continues to pursue a far-sighted project, made of innovation and respect for the environment, carried out with commitment and tenacity by the Coppini family, since 26 March 1946. A project drawn up by Amèrico Coppini and his wife Anita, and then carried on by his son Ernesto and his four children. Today, as in 1946, the company reserves the same attention and care for its extra virgin olive oil, from the olives to the finished product delivered directly to its customers. Care that is also guaranteed through the certification of supply chain traceability and the Identity Card that it was the first to introduce. To state with extreme clarity and transparency the true origin of its extra virgin olive oil, the T.O.P. brand was born in 1988. – Product Origin Traceability. This brand represents the company's identity, the certification of the excellence of the product offered and an authentic internal specification that leaves no margin for error. Coppini Arte Olearia, in the areas suitable for production, Abruzzo, Puglia and Sicily, has its olive groves managed by olive growers who are required to respect the regulations and follow the advice of expert agronomists. In the Belice Pilot Oil Mill Coppini Arte Olearia experiments and studies the way of producing the best and sustainable extra virgin olive oil.

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