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Your success
starts with us

We are marketing, sales and communication consultants
in the food&wine and lifestyle sectors.

We are a consultancy company specialized in the food & wine sector with a dedication to haute cuisine, of which we are able to understand the dynamics and seize the different opportunities.  Today more than ever, food and lifestyle are intertwined, giving life to a real lifestyle, the chef is the maximum expression and interpreter of local raw materials and quality. 
We will help you interact with this world by developing marketing, sales and communication strategies.

Our Services

Analysis of the restaurant: fine dining and beyond, geolocation for cohesive development, collaboration with gastronomic experts.


Ideation, organization and planning of events on a national and international scale.

Press office and digital communication on social media, including relations with journalists and influencers.

Definition of a product positioning strategy both online and offline.

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“Your goals are our goals”

Andrea Biagini

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