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Andrea Biagini


The beating heart of 32Consulting brings to bear fifteen years of experience within the Michelin world. This solid experience is attributed not only to the significant position held but, above all, to the immense passion deeply rooted in the individual's capabilities.


"I am extremely passionate, and everything I think or recommend is the result not only of my position but also of my passion. I worked for the finest division of the renowned company Michelin, within the food sector, where Italy stands as a leader. I have encountered numerous individuals, sharing ideas and collaborating on projects. My vision extends beyond a mere snapshot of Italian catering; it is enriched by my ideas, particularly emphasizing the pivotal role of chefs and restaurants as brand ambassadors for our raw materials and culture worldwide. I have encountered companies that take pride in the quality of their products, as well as those that have developed top-tier product lines to enhance the perception of their brand. While the mass market remains significant, specialized points of sale dedicated to sourcing good and healthy products will become increasingly important.

Branding involves creating special moments, and 32Consulting was established to bring these moments to life.



(Andrea Biagini)

Meet The Team

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