Leader in Italy in the quality of Italian milk, 100% Piedmontese: right, good and safe. The only addition is the unconditional passion for authenticity.

Moretta is the house where Inalpi is based, at the foot of the Cottian Alps in the province of Cuneo.

A perfect place to collect the highest quality milk, given by about 400 producers residing in the provinces of Cuneo, Turin and Asti alone. Inalpi knows its producers because since 2009 it has signed with them a Supply Chain Protocol within the Piedmont Alpine area which establishes high production standards and a fair return of the product to the stall. The objective quality and costs incurred by the breeder are the drivers for a virtuous contribution circle.

Products: butter from fresh centrifuge cream, clarified butter, Piedmontese milk powder whole and skimmed, slices, cheeses, organic products, cream, PDO cheeses and dairy specialties such as Fontal Nazionale and Toma Latterie Inalpi.


The mineral water that will make you enjoy a new pleasure: the difference between drinking and tasting! Filette will lead you to the discovery of new sensations, which enhance the palate with a pleasantness never experienced before, due to the perfect balance of mineral salts. Bottled since 1894, Filette testifies to its exclusivity with its presence in the most prestigious national and international hotels, restaurants and wine bars.

One of the purest waters in the world, the purest in Italy with an arsenic value of ZERO.



The birth of Brunello di Montalcino dates back to the nineteenth century, when some Montalcino farmers began to experiment with the production of a red wine with the grapes of a vine traditionally grown in the area. A vine called "Brunello" or "Brunellino" which, in the mid-nineteenth century, was identified as a variety of Sangiovese. A very valuable grape because it is capable of producing long-aging wines, that is, red wines of the highest quality.


Alexandre Penet - - winemaker and entrepreneur with a 400-year-old family heritage in Champagne, and his wife Martine, have created a range of distinctive and high-quality champagnes. Produced according to demanding standards, the wines combine character, freshness and low dosage.

La Maison Penet is located in Verzy, in the North of France near Reims, a place where wine connoisseurs and epicureans can experience the taste of rare cuvées of exceptional character.

The label design combines sophistication and modernity. Alexandre Penet Champagnes represents a perfect introduction to the world of low-dose champagnes. Strengthened by its authenticity and exceptionally high quality, it can be found in a range of champagnes and sparkling wines with zero or very low dosage, in a world where Terroir and extreme refinement are perfectly combined.



The Pujje company was born from the love of three young Apulians for their land. An agronomist and agricultural entrepreneur specialized in the production of oil and food products, a manager who successfully leads the family industrial group and a communication professional with an innate market orientation.

A combination of mastery, intuition and creative energy, which has given life to an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil, worked through techniques handed down for generations.

Pujje Srl was born in Puglia, one of the most beautiful regions of Southern Italy for its climate, its rural reality but above all for its food and wine. It best represents what is historically called "the land of olive trees" producing an excellent extra virgin olive oil, enclosed in a bottle

of design, which differs on the oil market for its elegance and refinement.

The farm is located in Palagianello in the Murgia Tarantina, surrounded by unspoiled nature, full of olive trees, about 12,000 plants, including some centuries-old ones, lovingly cared for through various agronomic devices, so that they can donate native olives and of different varieties, grown in natural way without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The attention to every detail, in terms of quality and design, makes Pujje an original and fascinating project, a rare jewel to bring to the table, surprising both for the eyes and for the palate


Beppe likes to attach a philosophical thought to each bottle. Its wines are not the result of a gamble but the result of a deep reflection for the bond that unites the vine and the earth, the latter expresses this union through wine. Each label has a story, it's up to our palate to discover it! We can't doubt one thing: all wines have a strong personality! Terre Alfieri an area to be discovered!


Oyster Oasis - The company was born only in 2014 but the founders - Italian and French - have decades of experience in the sector. Oyster Oasis currently boasts the largest oyster park in Italy. Over 200 types from the best supply chains in Europe. Upstream there is a refined work of product selection. Thanks to very strict criteria and prestigious partnerships with the most renowned oyster farmers, Oyster Oasis manages to obtain very high standards of quality and constancy throughout the year. The oyster San Michele was born in Puglia, in the Varano lagoon, a natural reserve and an integral part of the Gargano National Park. Category A waters and underground sources of fresh water, combined with the warm sun of the spur of Italy, guarantee a perfect environment for the harmonious and powerful development of these wonderful fruits.



... in the same territory that saw it born. Over time, the company has grown, has acquired a national and international commercial dimension. Panettone has gone around the world and Galup has become a recognized Italian excellence, but the important roads of Galup still remain those of Pinerolo today. Via del Duomo and via del Pino, where Pietro Ferrua and his wife Regina took over an old red brick oven to transform it day after day into the most popular pastry shop in the town, the streets of the historic center and via Fenestrelle, where industrial history began in 1948 of the company and where Galup is still produced today.

Galup wants to be a point of reference in the confectionery market of excellence, an example for the choice of raw materials and for the ability to offer the best products of our tradition, made with the same care for years but with the constant search for perfection that only today can you have it. The idea is to grow together with our loyal customers for a truly better world.

The made-to-measure panettone enters the club32! Galup gives you the possibility to create a tailor-made panettone and to customize the Packaging with your Brand.) Galup in addition to its line, which has been distributing for over 50 years, offers an artisanal project to create YOUR PANETTONE. You can think of a classic panettone with INALPI Italian quality butter or a molecular panettone like the Gin Panettone where the Gin molecules release their scent giving an innovative connotation to a traditional product. Galup has developed the tailor made line to be interpreted at will, because the world is not in series but each of us wants to distinguish himself, it's the small details that make the big difference! Feel free to contact me for more details.


CORBA ROSSA another excellence that becomes part of the # club32 ! Its most important feature is that of being #Anisakis #free (certified by the University of Bologna).
The Corba Rossa del Gargano is raised on the slopes of the Gargano, in Puglia, and is an exceptional fish! Of large size, copper red and with a characteristic black spot on the tail. In nature it loves to eat shrimps, squid and small fish; it has a firm and moist pulp with a sweet and delicate pinkish color which, like the crustaceans it feeds on, turns white when cooked.
The species is much less fat than the others, with total fat values ​​reduced by half and in some cases to a third compared to other fish such as sea bream and farmed sea bass.
It is Anisakis free and can also be eaten raw without any health risks.
It is traced along its entire production chain, from egg to commercial size, packaged and sold with an exclusive brand to protect against the risk of fraud.
It is caught and delivered in less than 24 hours in compliance with the principles of the short chain.


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