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We collaborate with a PR and communication agency with a great experience in the food & beverage sector, specialized in the press office, events, strategic marketing and digital media.

We study together the communication and business strategy project for all those who need to make their business known to the world with the press & PR service, a service that covers the entire range of activities for the production of news with language and the most suitable structure, from sending personalized mailing lists and managing relations with all journalists, bloggers, influencers and all types of press partners.

We turn to restaurateurs, chefs, food companies and hospitality professionals to identify together the most suitable path according to different needs, understand the strengths and create a customized communication project.

Not only press office and PR, but also social media management with content creation for various social networks, strategic consultancy for special initiatives and events to be conceived and created together for different business models.







The communication of your brand is fundamental, we are able to offer you exclusive locations for the realization of your events with the presence of starred chefs.
Ability to better manage special events both at structures suitable for the realization of events, and externally with selected catering companies, studying a dedicated menu based on your requests.

We direct our customers towards sponsoring the most representative food events in Italy and abroad. Being part of an important event is strategic for both product placement and image! In addition, those who manage events have the opportunity to discuss and we can interact in the study and analysis of the event and its development, trying to understand how to give visibility to sponsors to generate a virtuous circuit Event - Sponsor.

We can increase and enhance the perception and positioning of your brand by creating a study of the packaging of the product itself to be placed in the high restaurant in order to create a high level perception.
The first line allows you to amplify the perceived value of the whole brand, also improving the distribution capacity of all products.

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We offer our advice to improve the image and business of your restaurant, we can help you in the various steps: from the search for the chef, to the enhancement of the menu, to the improvement of the acoustics of your restaurant, up to the search for selected products of the highest level ! The main objective is to develop the marketing of the restaurant in collaboration with the same, in order to make the restaurant communicate correctly with its target audience. In addition, for the chefs we are able to manage their image and connect them with companies of great importance in the world of food.

We study the positioning of the product brand with "custom-made" development plans both at a commercial and marketing level.
We analyze the possible commercial strategies, actively collaborating in the search for new sales channels, in order to maximize results. We are able to put you in touch with the main protagonists of events in the food world and make you enter a national and international circuit.

We collaborate with a large Italian company CPZ GROUP specialized in the creation of your final product packaging and in the production of high quality brochures, of all that is visual and that needs to be printed.


32CONSULTING avails itself of the collaboration of gastronomic experts who have gained many years of experience in the most famous guides in the sector. With our advice we give active support to chefs and restaurateurs for the achievement of the most ambitious goals, providing useful tips to help the structure to improve in different ways in a conscious way, sharing together opini oni and reflections. We focus our attention on the most concrete aspects, the quality of the gastronomic offer in the first place and the role of the dining room service, but we do not neglect marketing as an effective tool to understand your target and retain it.

Our consultancy includes tests at the table with analysis and study of the dishes, their composition (taste, consistency, presentation), the marketing part and many useful tips, in order to produce a written report which will be a photograph of the situation expressed during the test. For a fruitful collaboration we recommend a path that includes several visits during the year, in order to accompany the structure towards the set objectives, testing progress, constancy and quality over time.


Our goal is to help the restaurant improve!


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