50 Italian chefs awarded the prestigious Michelin star propose a recipe each to be recreated at home.


5 (3 Michelin Stars)

10 (2 Michelin Stars)

35 (1 Michelin Star)


In addition to being a practical and “smart” manual, this book is also a photograph of Italian haute cuisine, from North to South, which offers the opportunity to discover names and excellences of our country.


This item will be released on October 13, 2020

Pages 176 - euro 16.00


Even in a "normal" kitchen like the one at home (without blast chillers or sophisticated tools) extraordinary results can be obtained. This is demonstrated by the 50 recipes collected in this book and each signed by a starred chef: with the preparations explained step by step, the tips for serving up to perfection and the unmistakable "signature touch" that makes each dish unique. In the book you will also find suggestions for pairing the right wine with each dish and menu suggestions to create an entire starred chef meal.


The following collaborated in the success of the book: Marco But (former Michelin inspector) - Luca Martini (World Sommelier Campine 2013 Pierantonio Invernizzi (INALPI sales and marketing director - Preface: Anna Mazzotti great pen of Vanity Fair!


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